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8500 to 2500 BC

Emergence of farmers and stockbreeders

First in the « Fertile Crescent » in the Middle East (8500 BC), in China (7500 BC) and in America (3500 to 2500 BC).

Farming and stockbreeding first appeared in the « Fertile Crescent » in the Middle East (8500 BC), but also in China (7500 BC) and in North and South America (3500 to 2500 BC). The « Neolithic Revolution » then spread from these regions to all continents. The crops grown in the Middle East reached for example Greece in 6500 BC, then the rest of Europe.

Populations were starting to discover the economic benefits of farming and stockbreeding compared to traditional hunting, fishing and gathering activities. They gradually abandoned their nomadic lifestyle and settled down, which increased population density and therefore trading opportunities.

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