A 1000 m2 exhibition on the economy

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    L’économie : krach, boom, mue ?
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    Une expo de 1000 m2 sur l’économie
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    Site web de l’exposition
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    B.A.BA de l’économie

In advance of its full inauguration scheduled for 2018, Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie is to hold an exhibition at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. This temporary exhibition on the economy, prepared by Universcience in partnership with the Banque de France, opened March 26, 2013 and can be visited until January 5, 2014.

With its attractive museography, this 1,000m² exhibition is open to young people aged 15 or over and constitutes an additional and original tool for students to familiarise themselves with some of the fundamental concepts underlying the news. This is a walk-through exhibition, punctuated by different experiences, group games and educational films and following a sequence of three stages: Who drives the economy? How does it work? How is the global economy changing?

Around the exhibition, the Cité des sciences also offers

- A visit itinerary for your students (see map below). Questions to students (open questions or MCQs) are a selection of exhibits. Part pages with answers is to provide students with after the visit. A. Doc version allows you to customize the tour guide depending on the level of the class.

- A workshop tailored to your classes, the 4th to the terminal. This game workshop helps to travel in places of the economy: market, business, bank, stock exchange, political institutions... (from April 9).

- A series of 3 conferences

- A book: “B.A. BA de l’économie contemporaine”

- [Resources (including movies) directly accessible online on the website of the exhibition.

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Published on 12 October 2016.