Art Deco Exhibition at the Cité de l’Architecture

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    Front for the extension of the headquarters of the Bank of France

A style that inspired the twentieth century part of the Hôtel Gaillard

The Cité de l’Architecture (Museum of Architecture) held an exhibition entitled “1925, when Art Déco dazzled the World”. it brought back to life bringed to life some of the glamour and exuberance of the influential movement, which reached its height in 1925 with the celebrated International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris.

The exhibition paid tribute to Art Deco movement which emerged in France and flourished between 1919 and 1940s, bringing together artists from across the world. It was the first truly international visual arts design style, and developed against a backdrop of growing technological prowess and modernity (rise of department stores, cinema, transatlantic maritime transport, skyscrapers, etc).

The strong room built by Alphonse Defrasse from 1919 to 1923, for the Banque de France branch at the Hôtel Gaillard (the building which today houses the Cité de l’Economie et de la Monnaie) was strongly influenced by the Art Deco movement. The room’s columns, for example, feature the bold, streamlined geometric patterns that typified the Art Deco style.

Alphonse Defrasse also designed an Art Deco facade for a planned extension to the Banque de France headquarters, although the project was never realised (see slideshow).

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Presentation of the exhibition


Vault, Hôtel Gaillard
Copyright: Michel Denancé/Banque de France
Project by A. Defrasse for the facade of the Banque de France, rue du Colonel Driant, Paris 1928
Copyright: Banque de France

Published on 3 April 2014.