This quiz and arcade game proposed by the Bank of Spain is about discovering a precious document. The aim is to find the different parts of this document, which each correspond to a different level of difficulty of the game.

Source : Bank of Spain

Objective : Check your knowledge on the functions and the history of a Central Bank (the Bank of Spain) in an amusing way.

Type : Arcade game

Audience : 15+

Language : Spanish

This game in Spanish allows you to practice, while you play on economics, the language of Cervantes. Keep in mind that some questions require a good knowledge of Spanish history and culture, and that some answers might be found in the “historical” and “artistic” sections of the Bank of Spain’s website.

At first, you must choose one of the two characters to start playing. Your character progresses with the use of the arrows on the keyboard. By reaching the top of the platforms, you win a bonus or the possibility to answer a question. Each question allows you to reach the next level. Be careful, time and energy are limited.

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Published on 28 September 2011. Updated on 12 September 2019