A banknote accidentally falls into the blades of a fan and is blown all over the garden in little pieces. In this game created by the European Central Bank and the Eurosystem, the player must repair the banknote and then decide whether it is real or forged.

Source: European Central Bank
Objective: Learn to recognise the security features on banknotes.
Audience: 12+.
Type: Game.
Language: French

Help Anna fit the pieces of a torn euro banknote together as you learn how to check different euro banknote security features.
This game combines detailed information about the euro banknotes with a search-and-find principle. The game succeeds in conveying a large amount of information on the security features of the euro banknotes in a fun way, using film to show how easy and intuitive it actually is.

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Published on 11 January 2011. Updated on 12 September 2019