The French and the economy

The French and the economy

On 8 November, for the inauguration of the fifth edition of the Economy Days, Banque de France and TNS Sofres published a survey on “The French and the economy”.

It targeted around a thousand people representing the French adult population as a whole, asking their opinion about people’s level of knowledge of the economy, the level of information about financial products, the level of understanding about loans and what they felt about inflation, the crisis, personal finances, etc.

The survey showed for instance that:

- 59% of respondents consider the French’s level of knowledge about the economy to be average and 32% consider it weak

- 60% of French people consider economic information to be impossible or difficult to understand

- 61% feel ill-informed about the financial products offered to the public.

To see the full results of the survey go to

Published on 8 April 2013.