Managing your money on a daily basis and at various key moments in your life requires some knowledge. Open in January 2017, the portal “My money questions” brings together a large number of tools for strengthening your financial education.

You will find answers to questions on a variety of topics: personal budgets, bank accounts, insurance, savings and investments, pensions, project financing, over-indebtedness, etc. The section “My economic questions”, which includes several Citéco educational resources, also offers the opportunity to better understand the general context of the decisions that we take for our personal finances.

The tools referenced are of various kinds: videos, practical guides, fact sheets, quizzes, simulators, lexicons, letters... The portal also lists the events on financial education (meetings, conferences, training sessions, etc.) and the organisations that can be contacted locally or nationally.

The information selected and presented on the portal complies with the criteria of educational interest, accessibility, neutrality and free service.

“My money questions” is managed by the Banque de France, as the operator of the national financial education strategy, in close collaboration with the relevant associations, institutions and professionals.

To consult the portal « Mes questions d’argent ».

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Published on 23 January 2017. Updated on 12 September 2019