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    Hall Defrasse - Moatti et Rivière
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    Faille ouest - Agence Moatti et Rivière
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    Salle des coffres - Agence Moatti et Rivière
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    Team Moatti and Rivière

Here, the architecture is itself an educational content and becomes an integral part of the presentation of the economic themes and of the different sequences of the museographic circuit. The context has a guiding role. The Defrasse Hall becomes the distribution hub of the exhibition tour. Everything tours around this Hall. It maintains its identity as a symbolic central and axial space.

Reflections and light from the images are the two contemporary and immaterial elements. The interior of the “World Dome” reflects the entire place and merges with the surrounding scenographic elements.

The safe room, where valuable objects and family treasures used to be stored, is the ideal place to discover and understand the Banque de France’s historical heritage: Its collection of money and monetary instruments.

The Hôtel Gaillard is separated from the Banque de France extension by two breaches. One is a promenade travelling across the permanent exhibition; the second enables to rediscover the “forgotten” facade in the courtyard of the Hôtel Gaillard and opens onto the safe room.

In the pedagogical tour, the project bestows a central place to the presentation of the “virtual” to “carry” the proposed experiences. The image – most often from our ordinary visual culture – is the primary material. All experiences and all attractions are based on manipulations and interactions with images that deal with highly tangible questions. The levels of scale and the image immersion fully play their role as for instance in the installation of the “circuit” where the visitor is plunged into the heart of the representation and becomes one of its actors.

Economics is also expressed in the complexity of the real world. Subjective, personal, psychological even emotional realities: we have sought to promote a sensitive or even emotional relationship with this intimacy. To re-create the “Romanesque truth” of Economics and renew the museographic language, we took inspiration from the games, exchange paths and socialisation systems that young people are familiar with.

Team Moatti and Rivière

Moatti - Rivière
Lead Architect

Michel Goutal
Chief architect of Historical Monuments

Atelier Pascal Payeur et Sylvie Jausserand

Lydia Elhadad
Museographer, Cultural and Scientific Mediation Specialist

Iosis Bâtiments
BET TCE, IT Services and Planning, Management and Coordination

Iosis concept
BET Environmental certification

Michel Forgue

Vincent Taurisson
Engineer and multi-media consultant

Sound & Acoustics

Published on 6 July 2011.