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    Hall Defrasse - Agency Rudy Ricciotti
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    Vault - Ballroom - Agence Rudy Ricciotti
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    Ballroom - Agence Rudy Ricciotti
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    Agency Rudy Riciotti

Oddly, the common thread running through the history, the site identity as well as the present competition project is economics. Our proposed approach to this project is very much in keeping with that of the original architects, Defrasse and Jansen: it essentially involves the addition of new and creative elements respectful of the two previous historical phases and that clearly and boldly express the 21st century. Our project will therefore rely on modern technology to consolidate and enhance the value of the entire site.

The building itself will become an expression of the realism and permanence of the topics that underlie and will continue to dominate economic life. The project aims at infusing life into a world of mechanisms with resolutely contemporary designs playing on contents juxtaposition, materials’ transparency and multiplicity of points of view.

The safe room will be entirely kept in its original state. The weak lighting adds to the mystery of the room and, to strengthen this impression, large pieces of black stitch hung from the mezzanine will receive moving and silent images that will inhabit the space like ghosts.

The scenography is designed to have a very clear link with the contents. The museum tour will be punctuated by surprises and rhythm variations that will maintain visitor’s interest and enhance the overall pleasure of the experience. The tour begins with an immersion-like experience in what may be considered the prehistory of economics, its infancy. A representation of how the economy works will be installed in the Defrasse Hall. The primary metaphor used is that of the garden: a designed, ordered and ring fenced space – a sort of representation of the world – that can be subject to the effects of an unsettled weather.

The treatment of the Council Hall set in the old reception rooms of the Hôtel Gaillard will enable to feel immediately the physical universe of negotiation, and be in harmony with the main topic of the sequence.

Team Ricciotti

Rudy Ricciotti
Lead Architect

Christiane Schmuckle-Mollard
Managing architect for historical monuments

Renaud Pierard


Grandmougin Conseil
Interactive and multimedia exhibition components

Sudeco - B.E.T. T.C.E
Economist, fluids, SSI, VRD, HQE



Ricciotti, architect

From 11 april to 08 september 2013





Published on 6 July 2011.