Everyone agrees... the French income tax system is overly complex and its lack of progressiveness undermines the trust of French citizens vis-à-vis the tax authorities.

Everyone agrees... but no one does anything. Worse still, despite all the promises, the number of tax loopholes has continued to increase every year, particularly since 2007. At the same time, proposals for a “tax revolution” – currently brandished on both sides of the political spectrum – are so vague and non-committal that the prevailing inertia is very likely to continue after 2012 (next presidential elections). Thomas Piketty attempts to break with this inertia. He proposes a detailed and operational tax revolution, backed up by real figures. These proposals are discussed with Hervé Mariton (Member of Parliament for the Drôme) and Alain Trannoy (Academic Dean of EHESS). The discussion is chaired by Thierry Fabre (Challenges).

- Source : Journées de l’économie 2010
- Objective : Understanding the tax reform debate in France
- Audience : 17+
- Language : French
- Type : Video, conference


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Hervé Mariton
MP for the Drôme

Thomas Piketty
Academic Dean of EHESS

Alain Trannoy
Academic Dean of EHESS

Thierry Fabre




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Published on 21 December 2010. Updated on 12 September 2019