The Cité de l’Économie has launched a brand new version of its interactive timeline, 10000 years of economy.

The updated design and extra functions make it even easier to browse the 200 key milestones in world economic history, from the emergence of agriculture (around 8500 BC) right up to the euro area sovereign debt crisis.

Each date features an explanatory text along with different media such as pictures, video archive (the Cité has set up a partnership with INA - French National Audiovisual Institute -) and sound recordings. You can also browse the new timeline by theme: choose from 18 different topics including economic theory, money, innovations and crises.

The revamped version of 10000 years of economy was created with the web agency NiceToMeetYou, using responsive web design to make it more compatible with tablets and smartphones.

It was selected as Website of the Day by the CSS Design Awards, a panel of international judges who reward sites for creativity, functionality and usability.



For more information on the prize awarded: CSS Design Awards

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Published on 26 June 2015. Updated on 02 May 2022