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Citéco (Cité de l’économie et de la monnaie) is a Banque de France initiative designed to help make economics accessible to all. Resolutely geared towards the general public, particularly young people, Citéco aims to enable each person to discover and develop their interest in economics and in the issues at stake.

Citéco explains economic, monetary and financial concepts, mechanisms and debates in an original, pedagogical, interactive and entertaining way.

As a cultural institution open to a wide audience, Citéco endeavours to meet an educational and social challenge. Using innovative methods and resources, it caters for newcomers and those who have never studied economics, with the aim of rendering the subject concrete, understandable and attractive and making everyone want to know more. It promotes discussion and debate so that the diverse points of view are represented.

At the beginning of 2019, Citéco will settle in Hôtel Gaillard, a Paris historic monument, prime example of neo-Gothic architecture and a former Banque de France branch. It will be a permanent centre dedicated to economics.

Citéco already offers the public a wide variety of learning tools for exploring economics – conferences-discussions, events, online digital productions, social networks, temporary exhibitions –. Citéco thus provides insight and answers to the questions raised by current events. Teachers, students and school children can find illustrations of the concepts and subjects studied in class.

To carry out its task, Citéco draws on the support of a Scientific Council and works closely with the French Department of Education and other partners that share the same aims.



For more information about Citéco, see the presentation brochure and the following, specific sections of the website:

- a catalogue of pedagogical resources already online;
- Citéco’s Scientific Council;
- our partners;
- 2016 calendar of events;
- Citéco’s project schedule;
- progress of the architectural and museum project for 2018;
Hôtel Gaillard and its history.

Resources dedicated more specifically to teachers are available at the teachers’ corner. Journalists’ material can be accessed via the press room.

Citéco is headed by Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn, Director General of Economics and International Relations at Banque de France, Chairman of the Steering Committee and of the Scientific Council, and by Gérard Kremer, Project Director.

Do not hesitate to:

- follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube;
- contact Citéco by email (contact@citeco.fr) or telephone, at + 33 (0)1 42 92 63 53

Published on 18 October 2016. Updated on 28 March 2018