Loans, savings, return, risk... We are all familiar with these words to describe a banker’s profession. But what’s it really like to assume this role for a time? What choices does your banker have to make on a day-to-day basis? Come and find out by putting yourself in his or her shoes right now, in our new fun and interactive game!

Banks are a key player in financing the economy. They grant loans to households and businesses to enable them to finance their plans. They also play a key role as a financial intermediary by collecting their customers’ available savings and offering a range of solutions to those with financing needs, either investments for their savings or by supporting businesses looking for funding through the issuance of shares rather than loans. 

In every case, the choices depend on weighing the return against the risk:

- Before granting a loan, the banker weighs its expected return (the interest rate) against the risk incurred (the borrower’s solvency).

- The saver must also weigh the return (the profitability of investing his or her savings) against the risk (capital losses) in light of the solution the banker proposes.

But in the performance of their duties, banks must also strictly comply with the supervisory regulations so as to limit excessive risk-taking, which might jeopardise their future, especially if the loans they grant are not all paid back.
In this game, you’re the banker. Your aim is to support as many plans as possible, by granting loans. You are also going to propose savings products to your customers. But be careful, you need to comply with the regulations, and control the risks to which you expose your bank.




Lenght: 3’

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Who can play: Everyone

Conception: Banque de France / Cité de l’Économie

Production: Opixido

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Published on 16 August 2022. Updated on 07 July 2020