Citéco presents its new interactive multimedia on the history of economic thought. From Aristotle to contemporary economists, including Classics, Marxists, Keynes, Hayek, etc.: this online tool presents the major figures and principal movements that have marked economic thought to this day.

In an interactive fresco running from the 4th century BC until today, more than 70 fact sheets summarise the biographical elements and key themes associated with 55 authors and 24 schools of thought. In each fact sheet, the section “See also” helps the reader to understand the relations that link, over time, economists and major movements. The section “To go further” offers a wide range of additional resources (videos, articles, etc.).

This interactive fresco expands on and fleshes out a graphic panel created for the temporary exhibition “L’économie: krach, boom, mue?” (“All you need to know about economics”), co-produced by the Cité des sciences and the Cité de l’économie in 2013. You can also discover or rediscover the six “radio programmes” of the exhibition on how economists have addressed various cross-cutting topics (confidence, companies, globalisation, money, rationality of players, regulation, etc.). You can also discover six brand-new audio recordings presenting the main schools of thought.

And don’t forget to check out the animated and the simplified frescoes for an overview of this rich history.

Objective: familiarise oneself with the major authors and major movements of the history of economic thought

Audience: 13 +

Length: your choice (this multimedia contains 70 fact sheets and 12 audios of roughly three minutes each)

Languages: English (and also available in French)

NB: to function properly this multimedia requires a recent navigator.


You may also want to consult our interactive timeline which presents the milestones in economic history: 10,000 years of economy.

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Published on 18 December 2015. Updated on 09 March 2022