"Cité orientée"

"Cité orientée"

"Cité orientée" is an interactive and educational web documentary, designed to help young people decide which studies or career path to choose.

It takes the form of a virtual city through which users can wander at their own pace, selecting any sectors they want to explore and meeting the residents of their choice. The module contains 15 videoportraits of young people, with different educational profiles, interests, aspirations and professional doubts. Viewers can follow their chosen characters as they go through work internships, and listen to feedback and advice from family members, friends and mentors.

The module showcases a range of different careers: farming, engineering, teaching, starting your own business, plumbing, construction, stylist, and so on… Users can also access a wide selection of resources (films, photos, personal accounts, career profiles) to find out more about these careers and how to get started.

The webdocumentary "Cité orientée" was designed by Jean Rousselot and was co-produced by Vanglabeke Films and Francetv Education in partnership with F93, Cap digital, the Paris city council, Onisep, Agefa Pme, Paris Région Lab and the Seine-Saint-Denis county council.

To access the module, click on web documentary "Cité Orientée"


Published on 5 September 2013.