Aimed at children, this game’s area of the site "Finance for all" is a recreational way to understand the world of finance. Players can win "Glings" that can be “banked” or spent in the "shop" by buying clothes or accessories for their characters. To open an account, the "bank" gives the player the first 20 "Glings"

Source : Institut d’Éducation Financière du public

Aim : Acquérir des premières notions de finance personnelle.

Public : 8+

Language : français

Players can win "Glings" (virtual money) and use them to buy “goodies” (accessories) in a virtual shop while managing their budget. There are three games: “mémofi” (cards to memorise, that then give the definition of certain financial terms); “Hangman” (players have to guess a term based on its definition), “Washing-up” (game of skill in which the washing-up builds up like in the game “tetris”).

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Published on 01 February 2011. Updated on 12 September 2019