On 10 December 2014, Jean Tirole received the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, known as the “Nobel Prize in Economics”. Created in 1968, for the 300th anniversary of the Bank of Sweden, and awarded for the first time in 1969, this prize rewards an exceptional contribution in the area of economic sciences.

The Cité de l’économie presents you with a series of resources that provide you with easily accessible information on this prize and its winners.

First, users can sort winners by country, by age or by university using an interactive infographic created by Le Figaro on Nobel laureates.

- 45 years of the Nobel Prize in Economics



An infographic of the Decoders (Le Monde) matches Nobel laureates to the universities in which they work.

- Nobel laureates



In this data visualisation designed by the CNRS, you can zoom in on Nobel laureates and sort them by country, age, sex. You can also discover those who have worked with the CNRS at some point in their career. Information is also given on the subject for which each winner has been distinguished. - Explore Nobel laureates



In this data visualisation in English created by Reuters, Nobel laureates of all disciplines are arranged in a chart by their country of birth (purple dots represent economists). Internet users can, for example, sort laureates by decades.

- 114 years of Nobel laureates



This infographic in English produced by the online American magazine Business Insider allows users to view in another way the countries of origin of Nobel laureates, including those who have won the Nobel prize in economics.

- Nobel laureates



Lastly, we also give other resources, for more information on:

- The history of the Nobel Prize in economics and how it is awarded (by Alternatives économiques)

- Your own possibilities of one day winning a Nobel Prize in economics: have a go at the "Most difficult economics quiz in the world" (by Arte; 4 levels are available…)

- The eccentric initiative in English, "Ig Nobel Prizes" (by an American association Improbable Research) that, each year since 1991, has awarded alternative Nobel Prizes, in particular in economics.

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Published on 10 December 2014. Updated on 24 November 2021