Aimed at both collectors of banknotes, coins and medals, and a broader public, a number of areas are devoted to sometimes prestigious collections. This selection of Internet websites and pages offer these different collections in France and abroad.

French collections

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Cabinet des médailles de Lyon - Lyon Mint Cabinet

A rich collection of around 50,000 coins, medals, tokens, seals and jewellery.
- Lyon Mint Cabinet

Cabinet des monnaies, médailles et antiques de la Bibliothèque nationale de France - Coins, Medals and Antiques Department - National Library of France

520,000 coins and medals, 35,000 non-monetary objects (cameos, intaglios, Greek vases, antique or medieval ivories, bronzes, sculptures, inscriptions, etc.)
- Coins, Medals and Antiques Department - National Library of France

Cabinet des monnaies et médailles – Coins and Medals Department - Marseille

Labelled « Musée de France » in 2003, it houses extremely rich monetary collections both from a scientific and heritage point of view.
- Coins and medals Department – Marseille

Cité de l’or - City of Gold - Saint Amand-Montrond (Cher)

An exhibition on gold rushes (Siberia, California, Australia, etc.). An explanation of gold geological origin and a presentation of the metal properties . The relationship between gold and the economy. The gold market. The cast ingot.
- City of Gold - Saint-Amand-Montrond

Collection_strasbourg-resp160.jpgCollection numismatique Bibliothèque nationale universitaire de Strasbourg - Numismatic collection - National University Library of Strasbourg

The town of Strasbourg has registered its vast collection of numismatic objects. It now counts 39,000 coins, medals and other money-related objects, which are housed in the Cabinet numismatique de la BNU.
- Numismatic collection – BNU of Strasbourg

Fondation Calvet - Calvet Library and Coin Collection
Originally gathered by Esprit Calvet, this numismatic collection presents a wide range of coins, in particular over 1,000 coins dating back to the Roman Empire. Most of the collection is presented on the website of the Fondation Calvet in Avignon.
- Fondation Calvet

fort_delgre-resp160.jpgLe Fort Louis Delgrès – Musée départemental de la Guadeloupe
Native coins and currencies
- Le Fort Louis Delgrès – Musée départemental de la Guadeloupe


Médaillier antique du musée Saint-Raymond de Toulouse

Only a fraction of this vast collection of over 11,000 coins is permanently showcased in the museum.
- Médaillier antique du musée Saint-Raymond de Toulouse


musee-d-aquitaine_bordeaux-resp160.jpgMédailler municipal Musée d’Aquitaine Bordeaux

This collection, which counts around 9,000 objects, has a clear regional focus. Its coins come from treasures unearthed in the Bordeaux region (it is the case of the antique coins: Margaux, Tayac or Prégnac treasures) or were minted in the workshops of the region (feudal coins from Aquitaine, bequeathed by Evrard de Fayolle).
- Médailler municipal – Musée d’aquitaine – Bordeaux

mines_argent_roi_franc-resp160.jpgMines d’argent des rois francs - Silver mines of the Frank Kings

Like Solomon, the Frank kings owned mines. Melle in the Deux sèvres built its fortune on lead and silver between the 7th and 10th century.
- Silver Mines of the Frank Kings

Musée de Bretagne Fond numismatique du musée Rennes - Museum numismatic fund - Rennes

Around 35,000 coins, medals and tokens are showcased in the numismatic collection of the Musée de Bretagne. More than 20,000 Gallo-Roman coins are displayed alongside 2,000 Gallic reference coins. Emphasis is placed on the coining activities of Armorican cities.
- Musée de Bretagne – Digital collections (see numismatique)

Musée Dobrée - Dobrée Museum - Musée départemental de Loire Atlantique

The Collection section presents a number of antique, medieval and royal coins and medals.
- Dobrée Museum

musee_fausse_monnaie_annecy-resp160.jpgMusée français du Faux Monnayage - French museum of counterfeit banknotes

Museum close to Annecy dedicated to counterfeit banknotes from 18th to 20th century.
- French Museum of counterfeit banknotes

musee_josephpuig-resp160.jpgMusée Joseph Puig - Joseph Puig museum

The limes villa, bequeathed by Joseph Puig, a rich merchant from the city of Perpignan, now houses his collection of coins and medals, and a documentation center in Catalonia.
- Musée Joseph Puig


Musée de la Monnaie de Paris - Monnaie de Paris museum

The history of France told through its coins and medals.
- Monnaie de Paris Museum


musee_oscar_roty-resp160.jpgMusée Oscar Roty – Loiret - Oscar Roty Museum – Loiret

Museum dedicated to the engraver of the famous Semeuse (Sower): Oscar ROTY (1846−1911). A large number of medals, metal plates and engravings. The original of the Semeuse. All the range of stamps with the Semeuse.
- Oscar Roty Museum – Loiret

tresor_eauze-resp160.jpgTrésor d’Eauze – Gers - Treasure of Eauze

Gallo-Roman treasure of 28,003 coins and 50 valuable objects from the 3rd century.
- Treausure of Eauze – Gers



Foreign collections 

Medals Cabinet – Bode Museum – Berlin – Allemagne

The numismatic exhibition of the Museum showcases a representative sample of Celtic, Roman, Medieval and Modern coins. A special section of the exhibition houses a range of Roman intaglios found in Luxembourg.
- Medals Cabinet – Bode Museum

musee_luxembourg-resp160.jpgCabinet des médailles du Musée national d’histoire et d’Art Luxembourg (MNHA) - Mint cabinet of the National Museum of History and Art - Luxembourg

The numismatic exhibition of the Museum showcases a representative sample of Celtic, Roman, Medieval and Modern coins. A special section of the exhibition houses a range of Roman intaglios found in Luxembourg.
- MNHA Mint Cabinet - Luxembourg

cabinet_medaille_belgique-resp160.jpgCabinet des Médailles - Penningkabinet

The Mint Cabinet houses the national collection of numismatic objects or objects related to numismatics. Belgium.
- Mint Cabinet - Penningkabinet


cabinet_numismatique_neuchatel-resp160.jpgCabinet de Numismatique du Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de la ville de Neuchâtel (MAHN) – Suisse - Numismatic cabinet - Museum of Art and History - Neuchâtel

The collections of the MAHN include coins issued in Neuchâtel from Antiquity to the present day and coins found in this region. They are completed by a substantial collection of medals, illustrating the significant production in the canton.
- Cabinet de Numismatique du MAHN. Suisse

cabinet_francois_cajot-resp160.jpgCabinet numismatique François Cajot – Belgique - Numismatic cabinet François Cajot - Belgium

The Numismatic cabinet, which is housed by the Musée provincial des Arts anciens du Namurois – owned by the Société archéologique de Namur – includes a very rich collection of coins, most of which come from « treasures ».
- Numismatic Cabinet François Cajot

Coin Collection – Kunsthistorisches Museum – Vienna – Autria

The Coin Collection is one of the five largest and most important coin collections in the world. With some 600,000 objects from three millennia, it contains not only coins, but also paper money, medallions, orders, etc.
- Coin Collection– Kunsthistorisches Museum


casa_moneda_chile-resp160.jpgCasa de la moneda de Chile

The Casa de moneda de Chile has produced Chili’s currency for around 300 years, making this institution the oldest enterprise in the country. It showcases its collection of Chilian banknotes and coins.
- Casa de la moneda de Chile


casa_de_la_moneda_mexico-resp160.jpgCasa de la moneda de Mexico

Established in 1535, the Casa de moneda de Mexico produces Mexico’s currency. The Casa de moneda set up a national numismatic museum at the beginning of the 20th century.
- Casa de la moneda de Mexico

Musee_Vallee_Aoste-resp160.jpgCollection numismatique Andrea Pautasso - Numismatic collection Andrea Pautasso

Regional archaeological museum of the Valle d’Aosta (Italy). Permanent numismatic exhibition in the Archaeological Museum of Aosta, which showcases the numismatic collection of the Piedmontese scientist Andrea Pautasso.
- Numismatic collection Andrea Pautasso

British Museum Department of Coins and Medals– London – Great-Britain

The British Museum has one of the largest collections of money in the world, almost one million objects. This includes coins and banknotes as well as other objects that have served as money in different times and different places.
- British Museum Department of Coins and Medals

Geldmuseum – Netherlands

The Geldmuseum in Utrecht is dedicated to money and the culture of money. Permanent interactive and multimedia exhibition, temporary exhibitions and numismatic collections. The museum is housed in the historical building of the Royal Mint, where all Dutch coins have been produced since 1911.
- Geldmuseum - Pays-bas

cabinet_suede-resp160.jpgKungl. Myntkabinettet - Sweden - Royal Coin Cabinet

The Royal Coin Cabinet is specialized in the areas of the history of money, the history of finance and the art of medals.
- Kungl. Myntkabinettet – Royal Coin Cabinet


Musees-cantonaux-du-Valais-resp160.jpgMusées cantonaux du Valais

The numismatic cabinet houses a treasure composed of archaelogical findings, occasional acquisitions and generous donations.
- Musées cantonaux du Valais

musee_fausse_monnaie_suisse-resp130.jpgMusée de la fausse monnaie – maison Farinet – Saillon - Switzerland - Museum of counterfeit money

The museum of counterfeit money (Maison Farinet) includes three sections: la monnaie authentique (genuine money), a walk through the history of banknote production, la fausse monnaie (counterfeits) and Farinet, a presentation of the emblematic counterfeiter.
- Museum of counterfeit money - Switzerland

Musée monétaire du canton de Vaud - Switzerland

21 centuries of history evoked through rich collections of coins, medals, seals, weights and measures.
- Musée monétaire du canton de Vaud


Numismatic Museum – Athens – Greece

Established in 1834 and housed in a historic mansion in Athens, the Numismatic Museum houses a large collection of documents, including the Hellenic world from the beginning of coinage. The museum’s website shows several key elements of the collection in 3D.
- Numismatic Museum – Athens

real_casa_dela_moneda-resp160.jpgReal Casa de la moneda – Madrid - Spanish Royal Mint

This museum takes visitors on a walk through the history of money and the different manufacturing techniques. Large collections of coins, stamps, banknotes and other means of payment, lottery and games, art collection, machines and tools used by the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la moneda (Spanish Royal Mint).
- Real Casa de la moneda – Spanish Royal Mint – Madrid

museo_oro_colombia-resp160.jpgMuseos de Arte – Museo del oro – Bogota - Colombia - Gold Museum

The Gold Museum of Bogota, which was renovated in 2008, tells the story of how gold and other metals were used by the pre-Hispanic societies that lived in the territory now known as Colombia. It includes four exhibition halls and one study room.
- Museos de Arte – Museo del oro – Bogota - Colombia

Museo Numismatico (Chile)

The Museum is located in the Central Bank building in Santiago de Chili. It presents a large range of coins, banknotes and lingots belonging to this institution holdings and many banknotes from a number of foreign countries.
- Museo Numismatico (Chile)

Museo Numismatico del Peru - Numismatic museum of Peru

The numismatic museum of Peru houses a unique collection of coins, banknotes and medals and presents Peruvian money, from its origins in 1565 to the present day, and its role in the economic history of Peru.
- Museo Numismatico del Peru

The Riksbank’s banknote history – Tumba Bruk Museum – Sweden

Website entirely dedicated to the collections of the Tumba Bruk museum. The Audioguide section offers mp3 files to prepare or extend the visit.

- Tumba Bruk Museum

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