Dr CAC is a french daily economic broadcast on channel France 5. Each program lasts 4 minutes.

The style is deliberately off the wall. Dr. CAC ("It’s Pretty Clear") appears as "economic coach" and each broadcast deals with a question of one of his "patients". This broadcast uses the technique of video mashup (archives from 1950s to 1980s). The voice also evoke the world of TV serials and razzies.

The series has more than 180 episodes. It covers macroeconomic topics such as:

- What is IMF
- Why currencies move
- Why debt increase
- What is the Golden Rule
- Should You Buy French

Or microeconomic topics such as:

- How the music industry managed the crisis
- Mutual health, how it works
- Why Qatar invests in sport
- What’s exactly Crowdfunding
- How Facebook makes money

Dr CAC show has won the "best information broadcast show" by the jury of the french "Grand Prix Media BC News". It is produced by Program33 in association with Tupac and with the support of CNC and France 5.

For more information and to view videos "Dr CAC": 5 France or Youtube

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Published on 06 September 2013. Updated on 12 September 2019