Sydo – an educational consultancy firm, dessinemoiunmouton – an educational video production agency – and Le are working together on the production and distribution of short videos presenting a wide range of economic concepts in an accessible way.

To do this they use real time drawing in videos each lasting around three minutes, which have already featured the following themes:

- The EU budget - NEW (with the Cité de l’économie)
- Payslip
- Social protection
- Budgeting municipalities
- No economy without trust! (with the Cité de l’économie)
- What is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ?
- The development of national budget
- Austerity or stimulus, how does it work?
- How do you calculate the income tax?
- What is a tax haven?
- What is comparative advantage?
- The fiscal cliff in the United States
- Measuring unemployment
- The financialisation of companies
- Competitiveness
- The single currency
- Purchasing power
- The stock market and corporate finance
- The role of the ECB
- Monetary creation

Other videos are published monthly on the Youtube channel "Draw me the economy"

More information on the web site "Draw me the economy" and

For a presentation of the Sydo educational concept, see the TED conference:


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Published on 28 February 2014. Updated on 13 June 2024