This selection of links provides access to educational resources and tools aimed at a broad public. The aim of these resources is to improve access to economic information, offer recreational learning tools, share the experience of economists, and enhance knowledge.

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Eco Dico (Le web pédagogique / BNP-Paribas)

EcoDico is the fruit of a collaboration between the website "WebPédagogique" and BNP Paribas economists. The idea is to share the experiences of a major bank’s economists with the broadest possible public, particularly with pupils and students. The content is essentially focused on notions of the bachelor curriculum in economics and social sciences ("Terminale ES") but can also be useful for students in management ("Terminale" STG).

- Eco Dico


Economics and Social Sciences in the Académie de Créteil (Académie de Créteil, Éducation Nationale)

The Economics and Social Sciences website of the Académie de Créteil (Education Nationale) offers educational resources for teachers, but also a number of interactive animations for students in a dedicated space especially one regarding "How to read statistical information".

- Economics and Social Sciences in the Académie de Créteil


Economics and Social Sciences in the Académie de Versailles (Académie de Versailles, Éducation Nationale)

The Economics and Social Sciences website of the Académie de Versailles (Education Nationale) offers a broad range of interactive resources for students (slide-shows - flash format animations) and educational organisations for teachers.

- Les SES dans l’Académie de Versailles


Educational dossier resources on the French franc (Bibliothèque Nationale de France)

Some pedagogical resources conceived by Bibliothèque Nationale de France to present the history of the French franc to young people between the ages of 6 and 18 years.

- Educational dossier resources on the French franc


Eduscol (Education Nationale)

Eduscol is a portal website listing educational resources using Information and Communication Technologies for each discipline in the school curriculum, notably in the domains of Economics and Social Sciences and Economic Management.

- Eduscol (Education Nationale)


Faciléco (French Ministry of Economy and Finance)

Faciléco is a website of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. It provides educational resources to understand the economy. Including a "dico de l’éco”, biographies of the great names of the economy and folders on topics such as credit, business, purchasing power.

- Faciléco (French Ministry of Economy and Finance)


Finance for everyone (IEFP La finance pour tous)

The Institute for the Financial Education of the Public (Institut pour l’Éducation Financière du Public – IEFP) was created to help people acquire the requisite knowledge to feel at ease with financial questions and to take appropriate personal decisions. The website presents a wide range of resources on financial and monetary matters for the general public and teachers alike.

- Finance for everyone


Gapminder (Gapminder Foundation)

The Gapminder Foundation was created at the initiative of statisticians at the University of Stockholm as a "fact tank" aiming to promote sustainable development and the Millennium Objectives of the United Nations by making statistical data on these issues accessible and attractive. The GapminderWorld software (acquired by Google in 2006) allows the combination of a large number of statistical variables to make graphs presenting the evolutions of different countries in terms of development.

- Gapminder


Iconomix (Swiss National Bank)

With Iconomix, The Swiss National Bank offers a broad range of educational resources for teachers aiming to allow play-oriented learning on a variety of economic themes.

- Iconomix


Insurance Savings Bank Info Service (Banque de France / ACP / AMF)

This common platform established by three institutions - the Banque de France, the Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACP) and the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) - is aimed at consumers of financial products and services. The site provides information and guidance on all matters concerning consumer rights in the areas of insurance, banking, credit, scholarship and financial investments.

- Insurance Savings Bank Info Service



In collaboration with Éducation Nationale, INSEE has been offering interactive resources and educational dossiers on a variety of themes: economic growth, household spending, international trade, employment, companies, investment, unemployment, gender parities, income and social mobility.

- Learning with INSEE


Melchior (Institut de l’Entreprise)

Melchior is a website of educational resources for the Economics and Social Sciences focused on the major themes taught in economics and social sciences. It offers resources related to the bachelor curriculum, but is also open to all those who wish to enhance their knowledge in the Economic and Social Sciences.

- Melchior


Money games in Spanish (Bank of Spain)

The Central Bank of Spain offers a package of extremely accessible games to discover money: a puzzle (Euro puzzle) to reconstitute notes in euros, amusement game (Estabilo) that is combined with a quiz on money, a brickbreaker to discover an economic notion (Arkanoid), a game of Hangman with economic terms (El Puente).

- Money games in Spanish


SES - ENS (DGESCO, Education Nationale / ENS Lyon)

This portal offers a broad range of information, scientific resources and tools for teachers of Economic and Social Sciences. The objective of the SES-ENS website is to provide contents so that teachers and professors of these disciplines can update their knowledge and continue their education.

- SES - ENS (DGESCO, Education Nationale / ENS Lyon)


TECO (Journées de l’Economie)

Touteconomie is a portal that aims to facilitate access to research in economics and information. It is supported by partnerships with Banque de France, INSEE, OECD, the French Association of Economics (l’Association Française de Science Économique), the Conference of Deans of the Faculties of Economics and Management (Conférence des Doyens des Facultés de science économique et de gestion). It constitutes an internet extension of the JECO (Journées de l’économie) organised every year in Lyon.



The Euro School (ECB)

Discover the Euro School, a new series of educational tools. Designed for all segments of the population, it includes games, interactive applications, publications and an exhibition.

- The Euro School (ECB)


The Keys to the Bank (Clés de la Banque - Fédération Bancaire Française)

The Clés de la Banque is a service made available to the public by the French Banking Federation that aims to provide information and advice that the public might need in order to understand banking mechanisms and take full advantage of them. The Clés de la Banque is an independent service with no connection to any commercial banking organisation. There are no bank names mentioned or any references to products marketed by specific banks.

- The Keys to the Bank


The SES Cybermanuel (Académie de Bordeaux, Éducation Nationale)

This website is managed by the Regional Inspection in Economics and Social Sciences of Bordeaux, and offers a broad range of resources for students and educational dossiers for teachers.

- The SES Cybermanuel


Webclass (Académie de Lyon, Éducation Nationale)

Webclass, created by teachers under the aegis of the Regional Inspection of Lyon, proposes an abundant variety of educational resources focused on the bachelor curriculum in economics and social science ("Terminale ES"): more than 150 pages of lessons entirely drafted and downloadable; all the notions included in the curriculum are explained (more than 140 online), with, in each case, 7 different headings (definition, implications, indicators, errors to avoid, etc.), more than 250 interactive activities, etc.

- Webclass


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