Follow the economic news, and understand the stakes and repercussions thanks to this selection of French and foreign economic portals, news websites, and blogs. These resources also enable people to improve their knowledge and acquire the necessary foundations for feeling more at ease with financial issues and general economic concepts.

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French news websites

Alternatives Economiques

A monthly journal focusing on economic and social issues. Its website offers a selection of articles on various subjects: economics, public policy, companies, sustainable development, etc

- Alternatives Economiques



A French monthly magazine focused on economics. Its website has links to articles relating to economic news, the stock market (market trends), personal finances, etc.

- Capital



A French weekly economics magazine with the slogan: What does the economy say this week? (Que dit l’économie cette semaine?) offering a selection of articles on topical issues (business, economic policy, etc), markets and companies.

- Challenges



This page of the 20 minutes website offers an overview of the economic news.

- E24



This participative website combines contributions from Rue89 journalists, experts associated with the website and internet users.

- Eco89


Les Échos

French daily economic and financial newspaper. Relates and analyses all national, regional, and international news that impact the business environment and publishes macroeconomic and political analyses.

- Les Echos



Monthly economics magazine focused on economic news, corporate news and financial news in France and abroad.

- L’Expansion


Le Figaro – Économie

This section of the Le Figaro website is dedicated to corporate economic news as well as news and events relating to the Paris stock market and financial markets in general.

- Le Figaro – Économie


Le Monde – Économie

Devoted to economic news, this section of the newspaper Le Monde offers a panorama of events as well as in-depth analysis.

- Le Monde – Économie


Le Nouvel Économiste

This opinion paper analyses, from an economic point of view, the "seven competing powers": media, social, political, administrative, judicial, intellectual and spiritual.

- Le Nouvel Économiste


Le Point – Économie

This French weekly general news magazine offers in-depth news on the economy under a dedicated section on its website.

- Le Point – Économie


La Tribune

This daily newspaper focuses on the economy and national, regional and international news. It is particularly sensitive to developments in industry, services, high-tech companies, the media and management.

- La tribune


Libération –Économie

The daily newspaper Libération has created a website that allows us to consult the latest economic information: stock market, financial, industrial, corporate life, social, etc.

- Libération –Économie


Money Week

MoneyWeek France is the French edition, launched in November 2000, of MoneyWeek, a British financial weekly that discusses and analyses the economic and financial news.

- Money


French Economic Observatory (OFCE - Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Économiques)

Sciences Po’s Economic Research Centre, the OFCE, is both a university research centre and an institution for forecasting and assessing public policies. It brings together over 40 French and international researchers, including several internationally renowned research fellows and three Nobel Prize laureates.

- Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Économiques

Slate – Économie :

A French version of the American Slate published by the Washington Post, is an online analysis magazine, with comments and debates on economic and political news.

- Slate – Economie


Blogs devoted to economic issues


This blog, created by young research students in public economics (with a variety of different research areas) receives contributions from economists who aim to use facts and figures to clarify and elucidate the polemical issues at the heart of topics as diverse as education, employment, retirement, housing, financial markets, development, etc.

- Ecopublix


Le blog finance

This blog offers a panorama of the news and practical information concerning the domains of personal finances, tax, investment, insurance, lending, borrowing, real estate and tax breaks.

- Le blog finance


Les éco-comparateurs

This blog, hosted by the newspaper Libération, invites specialists (top professors of Economics) to interpret the government’s economic programme (statistical data, etc.). .).

- Les éco-comparateurs


Les Echos – blog de l’intelligence économique

The aim of this blog created with the expert of the Economic Intelligence Academy (Académie de l’Intelligence économique) is to put economic intelligence at the service of companies, whether “sensitive” or otherwise.

- Les Echos – blog de l’intelligence économique


Regards croisés sur l’économie : le blog

Regards croisés sur l’économie aims to fill the gap between academic research and public debate. Clear and didactic, its articles discuss the latest advances in social sciences and their concrete implications for public policy.

- Regards croisés sur l’économie : le blog


Economic portals

COE Rexecode - Centre d’Observation Économique et de recherche pour l’expansion de l’économie et le développement des entreprises

Coe-Rexecode is a private economic research institute born from the merger, in autumn 2006, of two fifty year old institutes: Rexecode and the Centre d’Observation Économique de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris. This association counts around 80 members: companies, financial institutions, professional organisations and general government offices.

- COE Rexecode


Created by the Television channel France 5, the Curiosphère website offers a selection of videos (more than 130) devoted to economics.

- Curiosphère

IRES- Institut de recherches Économiques et Sociales

The Institut de recherches économiques et sociales (IRES) aims to meet the requests expressed by representative trade union organisations in the area of economic and social research. The IRES was set up in 1982 by all French representative organisations, with the support of the government.


La Finance pour tous

The Institute for the Financial Education of the Public (Institut pour l’Éducation Financière du Public –IEFP) was created to help people to acquire the requisite knowledge to feel at ease with financial questions and to take appropriate personal decisions.

- La Finance pour tous


Le Web Pédagogique

The Web Pédagogique is a platform of blogs by teachers that also proposes numerous free educational resources.

- Le Web Pédagogique


A website of educational resources in Economic and Social Sciences built around the major themes taught in the economic and social section of Terminale ES. It is primarily aimed at teachers of Economic and Social Sciences and their students and it is open to all those who wish to enhance their knowledge of Economics and Social Sciences.

- Melchior



This intellectual agency brings together university academics and its ambition is to foster non-partisan debate on the major global economic issues.

- Telos


Toute l’économie

The website Toute l’économie, published by the Les Journées de l’Économie (JECO), offers a collection of articles and videos related to the teaching of economics. These resources allow a better understanding of economic mechanisms.

- Toute l’économie



The online encyclopaedia, Wikipédia, has a special section dedicated to general concepts related to the economy and more particularly to economic sciences.

- Wikipédia

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Foreign news websites


Published by the New York Times, the Economix blog aims to help the general public understand the economic news and measure its consequences for our daily lives.

- Economix - Langue : anglais



The American economic magazine Forbes, well-known for its rankings, offers a very informative website dedicated to economics and finance.

- Forbes - Langue : anglais



Published in 2005 following the success of an article in the New York Times, this blog by the economist Stephen Levitt is dedicated to the behaviour of individuals in society. His key idea is that economics consists in “differentiating between correlation and causality”.

- Freakonomics - Langue : anglais


Le Financial Times (FT)

This British economic and financial daily newspaper, generally considered as the reference economics daily in Europe, offers a very informative website on economic and financial news.

- Le Financial Times - Langue : anglais


The Economist

A British weekly published both on paper and on the web, The Economist is one of the most highly-respected weekly magazines in the world; recognised for the quality of its analyses, it covers news from all over the world, with a particular focus on economics and international relations.

- The Economist - Langue : anglais


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