“Get data to talk” gives you a chance to play the role of an economist and show your skills at analysing information: is there a link between the data? If so, which one?

The module offers a choice of four, easy-to-understand indicators of social and economic development, collected by the World Bank from 184 countries. Select any two of these indicators and look at the corresponding graph that appears on the screen.

Do the two indicators move in the same direction or in opposite directions? In this case, we say they are positively or negatively correlated. Do they move independently? And if two indicators are correlated, does it always mean that one explains the other?

You need to be pragmatic and use your common sense to find the answer. Don’t panic: a number of different solutions will be proposed to you, along with detailed explanations. Be careful, though: things aren’t always what they seem. Will you manage to avoid the pitfalls? Why not have a go?

Languages: French, English


This data visualisation was first shown as part of the exhibition “L’économie : krach, boom, mue ?” which was held at the Cité des Sciences in Paris in 2013.



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Published on 30 September 2014. Updated on 12 September 2019