The State (in the broadest sense, including all public actors) is a major economic stakeholder. It levies taxes, duties and social security contributions on households and businesses to finance its activities for the benefit of the community.

As such, the State invests in infrastructure (stations, roads, social housing, etc.), provides non-market services (education, defence, security, etc.) and finances social benefits for the least advantaged households (family allowances, tax credits, etc.).

In our daily lives, we use a range of services. Some are provided by the State, some are offered by private companies, and some are partly public and partly private.

Can you differentiate between them?

Play !


Duration: 5’

Languages: french, english, spanish

Who can play: everyone

Conception: Banque de France / Cité de l’Économie

Production: Fleur de papier

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Published on 05 January 2021. Updated on 20 November 2023