How does the activity of a guitars manufacturing company is taken into account in the overall production of a country? Does this production’s integrated in the activities of the state? What is the wealth created each year in a country?

This educational animated film answers these questions. It also discusses some of the limitations of the calculation of GDP and the growth rate of GDP: Measuring the activity of the domestic sphere, impact on the environment, relationship with the well-being of the population.

Source: Banque de France - Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie, in partnership with Universcience (This film was presented in 2013 at the exhibition "All you need to know about eco­nomics" At the Cité des sciences).

Objectives: Better understand the concept of growth. The film shows, through various examples, the concepts of added value (business, government), GDP, nominal and real growth. Then, it deals with the remuneration of stakeholders in this added value (wages, interest, dividends, taxes) and expenses from the income of these stakeholders (consumption, private and public investment,...).

Audience: 10+ (especially from college)

Duration: 5’17’’

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Published on 02 October 2013. Updated on 17 January 2022