This exhibition presented, from the 10th of January to the 15th of February, at the Paris 17th arrondissement, the project of “Cité de l’Economie et de la Monnaie” and the remarkable private mansion in which the project will be set up.

Created at the initiative of the Banque de France, the “Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie”, of which the opening ceremony is scheduled on 2019, will aim to contribute to a better understanding of economy using interactive exhibitions, instruction workshops, conferences and debates cycles, library, etc.

The exhibition also permitted to discover the Hôtel Gaillard, singular neo-renaissance building of the the end of the XIXth Century, in which the Banque de France set up a branch from 1923 to 2006. Unprecedented pictures, virtual visit, movie and boards presenting the successive life of this Parisian master piece.

On the menu of this exhibition, organized collectively by The City council and the Banque de France and aimed at the Hotel’s neighborhood, two conferences:

“L’hôtel Gaillard : un bâtiment singulier” (The Hôtel Gaillard : a singular building) by Lucien Maillard, historian and 17th arrondissement specialist, and Eric Pallot, “Architecte en chef des Monuments historiques” , the 24th of January 2013 at the 17th city council’s wedding hall.

“Le projet de Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie” by Ateliers Lion associés, the Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie’s Architect, Eric Pallot, “Architecte en chef des Monuments historiques” and Philippe Bonzom, Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie, the 1st of February at the City council’s community center.


Here above, the slide show realized for the exhibition presenting 3 Hotel Gaillard’s architectural periods

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Published on 09 January 2013. Updated on 10 October 2022