’Rêve de monuments’

’Rêve de monuments’

Through to 24 February 2013, the Conciergerie in Paris hosted an exhibition by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux on the world of fantasy and imagination in the Middle Ages and how it has been perceived through the centuries.

“Rêve de monuments: imaginary architecture from the Middle Ages to modern times” invited the visitor to discover the influence of the medieval period as a major inspirational source in a range of artistic fields, from literature, theatre, painting, illustration and cinema through to comic strips and video games.

Architecture lied at the heart of the exhibition, particularly the 19th century’s rediscovery and imitation of the Middle Ages. The neo-gothic style that emerged as a result is reflected in the design of the Hôtel Gaillard, which houses the Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie. The exhibition displayed actual buildings, the concrete reflection of their architects’ dreams, as well as fictional and “re-invented” buildings.

The exhibition beared witness to the importance of the Middle Ages in western minds and imaginations.

It invited visitors of all ages to use their own imagination through the use of interactive teaching tools.

To find out more about the exhibition, go to monuments nationaux

Video trailer for the exhibition



Published on 11 April 2013.