The anamorphic process, initially used in mathematics, geography and arts, is increasingly applied to economics and social sciences to demonstrate a statistical phenomenon, to put situations into perspective. Distorting maps makes it easier to see certain aspects of reality.

"See the world differently" enables you to choose an indicator among the 22 that are put forward. Click on "Resize countries" and you will see the map of the world change as the size of countries varies according to their position in relation to the indicator concerned. The results are sometimes surprising!

Tooltips enable you to find out, for each country, the value of the chosen indicator. You may also zoom in on each region. Some maps offer a timeline that you may activate to display the changes in the country’s relative position over the past decades.

The proposed indicators fall within the scope of economics (e.g. GDP, working female population, ownership of mobile phones, foreign exchange reserves, etc.) but also of sustainable development and society (CO2 emissions, demography, etc.). The data source (IMF, World Bank, etc.) covers 190 countries.

"See the world differently" is the first data visualisation carried out by the Cité de l’économie. We would like to thank the IMF and Mapping Worlds for their contribution in developing this educational tool.

Languages: French, English


To find out more: Anamorphosis (Wikipedia Article)

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Published on 13 July 2016. Updated on 09 March 2022