This short video in the series “Dessine-moi l’éco” (Draw me the economy) explores the budget of the European Union (EU). How big is it? What types of spending does it finance? Is it mainly devoted to the Common Agricultural Policy? What share do the operating expenses of European institutions represent? How is the EU budget funded?

The video briefly address these questions that are often asked by EU citizens. It also introduces debates on broader issues such as the role of the European Union or current decision-making roles and procedures in the EU.

Source: Dessine-moi l’éco, in partnership with Le Monde, les Economiques and la Cité de l’économie. This video was presented on Printemps de l’économie. on 7 April 2014, in Paris. It was entitled “L’Europe, un problème ou une solution ?“ (Europe, a problem or a solution).

Objectives: Raise awareness about the oft-debated subject of the EU budget by presenting the role of the EU and the financial resources allocated to it. The video starts by stating the relative size of the EU budget and by recalling the institutions responsible for adopting it. It then presents the main expenditure items and the corresponding common policies. It then discusses the revenue side of the budget, focusing on the contributions of the Member States. The video also presents the rules that currently determine the size and balance of the EU budget.

Audience: 12+

Length: 3’06

For further information and other videos in the series: Dessine-moi l’éco


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Published on 27 March 2014. Updated on 19 January 2022