What are the State’s receipts and expenditure/revenues and spending/expenses? By steering/managing/driving its budget, can State influence the economy and to what extent? What do economists (have to) say?

This short animated film offers a number of answers to these topical questions/issues and gives/provides us with a foundation/fundamental basis to/for participating/take(ing) part in the public discussions/debate on State expenditure, receipts/revenues, spending/expenses, deficits and public debt. 

Source: Banque de France – Cité de l’économie et de la monnaie

Objective: Understand the role of State in the economy and the financial constraints that it faces. The film first reviews the main components of the State budget, in the broadest sense. It then presents the available levers /of State when economic activity starts to slow down/decelerate. The problems posed by an excessive public debt and the main theoretical approaches on this subject are finally discussed.

Audience: 14+

Duration: 4’55

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Published on 18 September 2015. Updated on 19 January 2022