Do you want to know more about five major economic and financial crises that shook the world between 1923 and the present day?

The Cité de l’économie proposes this web production, created by the Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA) and illustrated by video and audio archives from the Institute’s rich document database. Thanks to documentaries and interviews from each period, using the resources of your choice, you can relive the crises as they were reported at the time by TV, radio and eyewitness accounts. This is a great opportunity to better understand the causes and consequences of these crises. And, thanks to history, gain insight into our own time.

Source: French National Audiovisual Institute (2015), in partnership with the Cité de l’économie et de la monnaie. Both partners wish to thank the Deutsche Bundesbank Museum for the video on the crisis of 1923 in Germany.

Objective: Reaching a better understanding, using five historical examples from the 20th and early 21st centuries, of the causes and consequences of the financial and economic crises.

Target audience: 13 years old and over

Duration: As you wish (this web production includes 48 video and 3 audio archives, representing as a whole a 130-minute program)


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Published on 10 April 2015. Updated on 08 March 2022