The concept of labor covers many aspects. Discover the labor market in a fictional country where an industry is faced with a shock of innovation.

What then makes the adjustment of supply and demand work? What are the different types of public policies most often considered? What are the consequences of this adjustment and policies for workers, for businesses and for the States? After seeing this video accessible to everyone, you will learn more about the labor that is "a market but also many other things".

Source: Banque de France – Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie, in partnership with Universcience (This film was presented in 2013 at the exhibition "All you need to know about eco­nomics" At the Cité des sciences).

Objective: Understanding the mechanisms of the labor market. The film evokes the supply of workers and business demand, the concepts of labor force, full employment, unemployment, wages and social security, innovation, competitiveness and poverty. It then presents the tools available to the State to regulate the labor market through three types of strategy respectively on the level of wages, the payroll and training.

Audience: 10+ (especially from college)

Duration: 5’51’’

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Published on 24 July 2013. Updated on 14 February 2022