Gross domestic product (GDP) measures the flow of wealth created each year in a country but does not take into account domestic work. According to Insee, unpaid work performed in the family sphere (cleaning, caring for children, gardening, etc.) would represent in France a third of GDP. Here is an application that enables you to calculate the value of your domestic activities.

You can value 14 activities, such as cooking, washing up, shopping, cleaning, DIY, gardening, homework assistance, etc. Each one fulfills the three criteria defined by Insee, to characterise domestic work: to be productive, not to be paid and to be liable to be entrusted to others.

Once you have entered into the calculator the time you spend, each week, for each activity, the application will issue an assessment including: a percentage breakdown of your various activities, the value of each and their total value. You can then share the calculation of this value with your friends on social networks.

In addition, "Value your time!” features information sheets ("More info"section) on various topics: methods for calculating domestic work, women-men comparisons, etc.

Language: French, English



Produced by the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in collaboration with Insee, the webapp "Value your time" is the adaptation of a multimedia from the exhibition "L’économie: krach, boom, mue?" (2013), developed in partnership with Citéco/Cité de l’Économie et de la Monnaie.

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Published on 30 October 2017. Updated on 09 March 2022