Take charge at Bercy by assuming the role of the French Budget Minister. What choices will you make? What will your Budget look like? You will have to ensure that it is balanced while financing the public actions and services you considered the most important.

Source: the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry.

Aim: Discover and experience the different stages of the preparation of the State Budget.

Type: Games (quizzes, platforms, etc.).

Language: French. You play the role of the Budget Minister who has just taken up his functions. You must complete the four main stages of the preparation and the management of the State Budget: drawing up the Budget Act, planning the Budget, passing the Act at the National Assembly, and prospects for the future. While going around the city to carry out these tasks, you will receive advice that will give you insights into budgetary questions (difficulties in balancing the budget, tough choices to make, etc.). You are also confronted with questions from journalists who lead you to take a position. Cyber-Budget therefore also allows you to experience numerous aspects of fiscal policy, using different game sequences.

Target audience: 14 years and over.



In addition, you can also see, in our section Easy Stats, two data visualisations (from the Figaro and the Monde) to take charge of the State Budget.


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Published on 27 April 2015. Updated on 10 April 2020