How do companies organise their production, manage labour relations, find sources of financing, implement strategies for development? Are the answers to these daily challenges comparable for a start-up, a restaurant, a food retailer, the largest market in France, an industrial company, a company that introduced embedded donations in France?

Second to last video of our series. Discover a very small  business, the restaurant L’Épi d’or, in the district of Les Halles in Paris. Created in 1880, it is now run by enthusiastic manager and employees. They have to adjust to the different categories of clients, to an irregular activity and, in the longer term, to the transformation of the district where they are located.

How is this business managed on a daily basis? What are the challenges to be met: team size, positioning in terms of prices and products, financial balance, etc. ? How does the team  feel about its work? Answers in this cross-interview of the owner-manager and the waiter of the Epi d’Or.

Source: Banque de France – Citéco/la Cité de l’économie et de la monnaie

Audience: 12+

Language: english

Lenght: 4’39

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Published on 07 June 2017. Updated on 20 February 2024