Occupy a central banker’s chair and take control of the euro area’s monetary policy. This simulation game created by the European Central Bank and the Eurosystem covers a 7-year period (2010-2017) during which you have to fix key interest rates and watch the consequences on inflation. Several elements in the game provide key information useful in decision-making : press reviews, briefings, indicators (unemployment rate, output growth, money supply growth, etc.).

Source: ECB - Eurosystem

Objective: How can monetary policy be used to stabilise prices?

Audience: 16+.

Type: Simulation game.

Language: French, European country languages

Ever wondered what monetary policy is? Or how the key interest rate affects inflation?

Keep inflation low and stable at just under 2%. Your tool: the key interest rate. But mind how you set it! You could get caught up in an inflation spiral or find yourself trapped in deflation. Getting the balance right is not easy.

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Published on 03 January 2011. Updated on 02 September 2020